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the ganja glossary!

4:20 Time to light a fat Marijuana Joint
420 Getting High on Marijuana
Acapulco Gold High quality Golden Cannabis from Mexico
Allucinogeno Italian: Marijuana
Anasha Russian: Hash
Bag Package of cannabis
Bake To get stoned
Baked To be under the effects of Cannabis
Bammer Low quality cannabis
Banan Sweedish: Slang for joint (same word as banana)
Bang French: Pipe
Bedo French: Joint
Bent To be under the effects of Cannabis
Beu French: Marijuana
Bhang Drink made with Cannabis
Blades To smoke hash by placing a small amount between two hot knives and then inhaling the smoke through a tube
Blasted To be high on Marijuana
Blaze To smoke Cannabis
Blazed To be under the effects of Cannabis
Blowback UK: Blowing the smoke backwards through a joint into the mouth of another smoker
Blowen Dutch: Getting stoned
Blunt Marijuana rolled in a tobacco leaf from a cigar
Bogart One who does not pass the marijuana, taking multiple hits before passing
Bomb Word used to describe excellent Marijuana
Bomber A large joint
Bong A water pipe used to smoke cannabis
Bowl Marijuana pipe
Braj Sweedish: Hash pipe
Brasato Italian: To be stoned
Bubbler Hammer shaped water pipe used to smoke Marijuana
Bud Flowering top of a marijuana plant
Buddah Marijuana
Buz French: Marijuana
Buzz The euphoric effects of Cannabis
Cake UK: Cannabis, usually hash
Caldeiro Galego (Galiza): Joint
Calumet French: Pipe
Canap Portuguese: Marijuana
Canna Italian: Joint
Cannabinoid Active ingredient in Marijuana that makes one euphoric
Cannabis Sativa Latin name for marijuana
Cannone Italian: Joint
Ceilon Italian: Pipe
Ceppa Italian (Torino): Joint
Chala Spanish (Argentina): Marijuana
Chalice Marijuana Pipe
Chanteuse Romanian: cannabis
Cheeba Marijuana
Chicha French: Pipe
Chichon French: Marijuana
Chiflo Spanish (Argentina): Marijuana
Chocolate Spanish (Cuba): Marijuana
Choubang French: Pipe
Chronic Excellent Marijuana
Cigarro Das Gargalladas Galego (Spain): Joint
Collie Jamaica: Excellent Marijuana
Cone French: Marijuana
Contact High To experience the effects of cannabis by breathing the smoke of nearby users
Cotonato Italian (dialect): Stoned
csoki Hungarian: Marijuana
Dank Excellent Marijuana
Diggity Dank Very high quality Marijuana
Dime Specific quantity of Marijuana
Ditchweed Ferral hemp that contains low levels of THC and is not effective in achieving euphoria
Doja Hip Hop: Marijuana
Doobie Joint
Dope Marijuana
Draw To inhale cannabis smoke, UK: Cannabis
Dutsi Greek: Fully stoned
Efori Spaish (Cuba): Marijuana
Erba Italian: Marijuana
Ettuce Jazz term for Marijuana
Euphoria The effect from smoking Marijuana
Faded To be high on Marijuana
Faso Spanish (Argentina): Marijuana
Feting Sweedish: Fat Joint
Fried High on Marijuana
F Hungarian: Word for grass that is also used for Marijuana
Fumato Italian: To be stoned
Gage Term for Marijuana used in the Jazz Era
Ganja Term for Marijuana
Geech (Geek) Scottish: Cannabis
Grs Sweedish: Grass
Grass Marijuana
Grelo Galego (Galiza): Joint
Hanf German: Hemp
Hasch Sweedish: Marijuana
Haschisch European for Hash (Cannabis Concentrate)
Hash Hashish (Cannabis Concentrate)
Hashish Cannabis concentrate
Head Shop Retail establishment that sells cannabis smoking paraphanilia and accessories.
Heisen Dutch: Getting stoned
Herb Slang term for Marijuana
Hierba Portugese (Brazil?): Cannabis
High Under the influence of marijuana
Hit To breath in cannabis smoke
Holk Sweedish: Hash pipe
Honey Blunt Using honey when rolling a blunt to make a sweeter clove like taste
Hooter A fat jont
Hot Knives The method of smoking hash by placing a small amount between two hot knives then inhaling the smoke through a tube
Humbolt County in Northern California, USA well known for its Marijuana
Hydro Marijuana grown using hydroponic technique
Hydroponic Technique often used to grow Marijuana indoors in a soilless medium. Marijuana grown using the Hydroponic technique
Irie Jamaica: High on Marijuana
Jay Joint
Jive Jazz Era term for Cannabis Cigarette
Joego French: Marijuana
Joint Cannabis rolled in a cigarette paper
Joppe Sweedish: Slang for joint.
Kiffen Dutch: Getting stoned
Kiffer German: Hash smoker
Kill Excellent quality Marijuana
Kind Adjective used to desribe high quality Cannabis
Kind Bud Excellent Marijuana
Kokkerd Dutch: Getting stoned
Konoplya Russian: Cannabis
Lambasted Used by Adam Sandler in the song "Fucking Wasted" as a term for being under the effects of cannabis
Linz Italian: Joint
Lit High on Marijuana
Lotus Blossom Marijuana
Maconha Portugese (Brazil): Cannabis
Mai Galego (Galiza): Joint
Maja Sweedish: Marijuana
Maja Brass Sweedish: Marijuana
Malacachafa Portugese (Brazil): Cannabis
Mani Spanish (Cuba): Marijuana
Mareeshka Polish: Marijuana (form of Maria)
Maria Italian: Marijuana, Spanish (Cuba): Marijuana
Mariuana Italian: Marijuana
Mary Jane Marijuana
Mary Warner Marijuana
Maryska Polish: Marijuana (form of Maria)
Matanooska Thunderfuck Excellent Marijuana that grows in the Matanooska Valley in Alaska, USA with 22 hours of Sun light a Day during the Vegatative state
Medical Marijuana Marijuana Consumed for medicinal effect
Meigs County County in Ohio, USA where excellent Marijuana is grown
Mexican Golden Leaf Excellent Marijuana
Mezz Jezz Era Term for excellent Marijuana
Mezz Mezzrow Marijuana Dealer from the Jazz Era
Mezzroll Jazz Era term for excellent Marijuana supposedly purchased from Mezz Mezzrow
Mezzrow Marijuana Dealer from the Jazz Era
Mie Loty (myetch loti) Polish: To be stoned
Mighty Mezz Jazz Era term for excellent Cannabis
Mota Spanish (Mexico): Marijuana
Mr Alexander Marijuana
Muggles Term for Marijuana used in the Jazz Era
Munchies The desire to eat stimulated by the consumption of cannabis
Narc A narcotics enforcement officer or someone who gives the police information
Nargile French: Pipe
Nickle Specific Quantity of Cannabis
NORML National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Nug Excellent Marijuana buds
Nugget Excellent Marijuana buds
Onasha Russian: Marijuana
Paglia Italian: Joint
Pakalolo Hawaiian: Cannabis
Paranoid The feeling that people are out to get you sometimes experienced by inexperienced cannabis users. The experienced cannabis user knows that they really are out to get you and has come to terms with this.
Paraquat Chemical defoliant used to kill marijuana plants
Pasto Spanish (Puerto Rico): Grass (Marijuana)
Peta Galego (Galiza): Joint
Petard French: Marijuana
Pipa Sweedish: Pipe
Pito Da Risa Galego (Galiza): Joint
Plan () Russian: Marijuana
Porro Spanish: Marijuana, Galego (Galiza): Joint
Pot Marijuana
Pothead Frequent consumer of cannabis
Pretsigaret Dutch: Getting stoned
Psychoactive Chemical that induces altered state of consciousness such as Marijuana
Puna Butter Marijuana Sautead in butter, the marijuana is strained from the butter, the butter is cooled and then used with food
Reggae Music popular with Marijuana culture
Righteous Bush Excellent Marijuana
Roach The remains of a marijuana cigarette
Roach Clip A device used to hold a joint when it becomes too small to hold without burning your fingers
Rka Fet Sweedish: Smoke fat (smoke a fat joint)
Rka Puff Sweedish: Smoke hash
Sckrent Polish: Marijuana
Score To Purchase Cannabis
Sea of Green Technique used to maximize cannabis production in a given space in the shortest amount of time
Sheat French: Marijuana (shit)
Shotgun To blow cannabis smoke to another user usually done by placing a joint in a tube and then putting the burning end of the joint into your mouth and putting your lips around the tube and then blowing. The smoke streams out of the tube as the recipiant inhales the smoke stream slowly.
Shuzzit Term for Marijuana used in the Jazz Era
Shwag Low quality Marijuana
Skin Rolling paper
Skin Up UK: To roll a Cannabis cigarette
Skrt (spell sckrent) Polish: Joint
Smoke Marijuana
Spinach Marijuana
Spinasco Italian: Joint
Spinello Italian: Joint
Splif Dutch: Getting stoned, French: Marijuana
Spliff A fat Marijuana joint
Stash Personal supply of Marijuana
Stick Cannabis Cigarette, French: Marijuana
Stickie Dutch: Getting stoned
Stonato Italian: Stoned
Stoned Euphoric high from consuming Marijuana
Stoner A person that smokes Marijuana
Stuff Marijuana
Stupefacente Italian: Marijuana
Sweet Leaf Excellent Marijuana
Sweet Marijuana Brown Excellent Marijuana
Taco Spanish (Cuba): Marijuana
Tarziz French: Joint
Tea Marijuana
THC Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, The active ingredient in Cannabis
Throwed Very stoned
Tjonker Dutch: Getting stoned
Toke The act of inhaling cannabis smoke
Toker Person who inhales cannabis smoke
Tolchok Russian: Place where marijuana grows in the woods
Travka Russian: Weed (Marijuana)
Trey Specific quantity of Marijuana
Trip Dreamlike euphoric state that can be induced by Marijuana
Troma Italian: Joint
Trombone Italian: Joint
Trompi Galego (Galiza): Joint
Tronca Italian: Joint
Tubes Water Pipe for smoking Cannabis (Bong)
Tulp Dutch: Getting stoned
Tuonato Itialian: To be stoned
Ujara si (ooyaratch she) Polish: Marijuana
Ujeba si (ooyebatch she) Polish: To get stoned
Ujebach Polish: Vulgar term for being stoned
Upierdoli si (oopyerdolitch she) Polish: To get stoned
Vipe Jazz Era term for Marijuana
Viper Jazz Era term for Cannabis user
Wackey Tobaccy Marijuana
Wake-N-Bake To smoke Marijuana as sooon as you wake up in the morning
Wasted To be very stoned
Waus Dutch: To be stoned
Wazig Dutch: To be stoned
Weed Marijuana
Wyjara (viyaratch) Polish: To smoke all
Xito Portuguese (Portugal): Marijuana
Yerba Spanish (Puerto Rico): Grass (Marijuana)
Zhele Polish: Marijuana
Ziele Polish: Marijuana
Zig-Zag Rolling paper brand popular with Marijuana Smokers
Zld Hungarian: Word for green that is also used for Marijuana
Zurba Portuguese (Portugal): Marijuana

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